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Terms & conditions for services




Booking fees, full payment for service:


  • Full payment of service via banking transfer is required to secure the time and date of your event. Full payment includes a non-refundable booking fee of $150.00 + gst in the event of cancellation at any date once payment has been made. Please assume that unless you have paid your full invoice amount, that your time and date are still open to further bookings, and can not be held past the due invoice date.  





  • Within 3 weeks of the event require 50% payment of the total booking amount.


  • Within 1 week of the event requires 100% payment of the total booking amount.

  • Your booking fee can be transferred to another event on a date and time that is available within 2 months of cancellation date. Please consider weather conditions when organising outdoor events.




Responsibility of parents/carers & event organisers


  • Children are to be supervised at all times by a responsible adult. Faces by Ainslie are unable to supervise children for any length of time under any circumstances. 



  • Clients and their actions remain the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian and event coordinator at all times. Any damages done to the equipment or paints will be replaced at the clients' expense. Please ensure children/guests do not touch or pick up any equipment or paints.



  • It is your responsibility to ensure that Faces By Ainslie has permission to paint in any public space where events may be held. Any breaches of laws or fines issued to Faces By Ainslie is the sole responsibility of the event organiser to pay or amend.



  • Faces by Ainslie can not organise and maintain order and flow when clients are lining up waiting to be painted. It is the event managers' responsibility to organise a system for ensuring order and flow for your event. I have some great ideas on how this can be managed so please contact me for details.



  • If you are having party games and cake time, please factor that into your event scheduling. Children want to be involved in cake time and games, so I suggest that these happen after the finish time of face painting, so all children get to participate.



Health and Safety


  • You must provide a safe, flat surface that is in FULL shade and away from rain, mud, smoke and loud speakers and generators. Placement under trees does not include full shade.


  • All allergies and sensitivities are to be disclosed to Ainslie and her team prior to the commencement of services. No responsibility will be taken by Faces By Ainslie for allergies and sensitivities not reported prior to commencing painting.


  • All children and clients with visible signs of contagious illness and infections, cold sores, ring worm, head lice conjunctivitis or other, will not be painted due to health and safety concerns.


  • Infants under 1 year old will not be painted due to sensitive developing skin.


  • Children who do not wish to be painted will not be painted even at the parents insistence.


  • Faces By Ainslie has the right to refuse a service to any intoxicated or abusive clients, and will not paint anything deemed inappropriate by our standards. 


  • Faces by Ainslie works with health and hygiene standards to an exceptional level. You can be assured that Ainslie has the strictest health policies in place and is vigilant in enforcing these policies. Sanitisation and cleanliness is of the highest priority.


  • All artists hold a current working with children blue card and have Public Liability insurance.





All information is current as of 1 January 2024


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