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Frequently Asked Questions

Face painting Gold Coast and Brisbane

How many hours of face painting will I need to hire you for?


  • Ainslie will paint a maximum of 10 full faces per hour for private booking events, and a maximum of up to15 faces (less elaborate) for corporate/public events. Please allow 5+ minutes per design for private bookings, and 3+ minutes for corporate bookings.

  • If you are a corporate organisation, Ainslie has a select range of very appealing and professional face paint designs to cater for a large amount of faces at events. These are generally less detailed, and smaller in size but still impress and wow your clients. Up to 15 designs per hour can be painted comfortably. Please discuss your needs when enquiring with Ainslie.


  • Faces by Ainslie proudly works to a very high standard for all clients, and as such will not paint an unreasonable amount of large designs in the time allocated other than stated, to avoid rushing, resulting in poor quality workmanship. The faces painted are a clear advertisement of my business and your discernment over choosing  a high quality face painter, and therefore quality and value will never be compromised. You are getting one of the best!




Travel fees:


  • Travel fees are charged at $1.30 per km after the first 20kms from Yatala or $90.00+ gst per hour.  All parking, tolls and ferry travel will be an additional cost to be covered by you. Please contact Ainslie for further information.




What face paint is used?  



  • We use professional face and body makeup that is hypoallergenic, and is easily washed off with soap and water. Certain colours may leave a little colour behind, and if so, gently rub the skin with some moisturiser to remove. All glitters used by us are cosmetic glitters, and therefore are safe to use around eyes.

  • Please be thorough when enquiring about your chosen face painters paint products. Acrylic paints are NOT designed for use on skin and should never be used for this purpose: ACRYLIC paint is plastic.  Craft glitters are cut in a hexagonal shape and are very dangerous to use near eyes, so please do not use craft glitter for cosmetic purposes.


What about health and safety?


  • Faces by Ainslie works with health and hygiene standards to an exceptional level. You can be assured that Ainslie has the strictest health policies in place and is vigilant in enforcing these policies. Sanitisation and cleanliness is of the highest priority.



  • Any client with visible signs of contagious illness and infections, ring worm, cold sores, conjunctivitis or other, will not be painted due to health and safety policies.

  • Children who are visibly upset and distressed about being face painted will not be painted, even at the parents insistence. Face painting should be fun and enjoyable, and I do not wish to tarnish this experience for them. If and when they are ready, they will choose to be painted and delight in it.

  • Due to the delicate nature of baby skin, children under 12 months old can not be painted.

  • The requests that children make are uniquely theirs, and they have often put in time and thought to what they may like to transform into. Please let them be who they want their imaginations to be, they have a magic that they wish to see come alive.

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